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A patient had multiple missing teeth and implants were placed for the same. A temporary bridge was given during the healing period of the implants to enable the patient to chew as well as have better esthetics. Support for the temporary bridge was taken with the help of the remaining natural teeth and temporary implants. Click here to view images.

A 25 year old patient suffering from hereditary enamel dysplasia, which is a defect in the enamel layer of teeth, was treated with full mouth rehabilitation. His teeth were restored with 24 LAVA crowns to give him a totally new look and a more confident self. Click here to view images.

Being in sync with the current research and trends in dentistry, we hereby introduce a path breaking concept which is being used by topmost dentists worldwide.

A total fixed restoration of all teeth for a patient with no teeth is now possible using minimum number of implants ie: 4-5 implants for the lower jaw and at least 6 implants for the upper jaw.

Did You Know: Porcelain fused to non precious metal alloy caps have an inner core of non precious metal alloy with a layering of ceramic over it. So, although they match the shade of teeth when seen from outside, they have a number of disadvantages.

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