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It is commonly known as "ROOT CANAL TREATMENT".

Root Canal treatment is generally required:

  1. When the tooth is excessively decayed which leads to hypersensitivity especially to hot food and liquids.
  2. If the tooth is fractured.
  3. When there is a trauma due to an accident or fall or the bite is difficult.
  4. When there is an infection, pus formation, swelling.
  5. Prophylactic root canals are done for smile designing or better esthetics.

We at COSMOS DENTAL specialize in SINGLE SITTING ROOT CANAL treatment using Rotary Instruments.

However, in case of an acute infection or abscess or re-treatment, multiple visits may be required.

Steps for Root Canal Treatment

  • Local anaesthesia is given to numb the tooth and make the procedure pain free.
  • An opening is made into the pulp chamber and the diseased tissue is removed.
  • The pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped.
  • The canals are then filled with a biocompatible material and a final filling is done on the tooth.
  • In case of excessive damage to the tooth structure, a post and core built up is done to reinforce the tooth structure and a crown is placed on the tooth.
  • Every step of the treatment is observed with a digital X-Ray. 

Besides root canal treatments, we also specialize in endodontic surgeries and have experts to do the same.

Tooth anatomy
Apex locator and Canalpro rotary endodontic instrument

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You are here: Home Dental Treatments Endodontics