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Oral Surgery

This branch of dentistry encompasses:

  • Extraction of teeth
  • Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Surgical removal of cyst/ abscess
  • Removal of tumours

Extraction of teeth:

It is generally indicated when the tooth structure is badly damaged or fractured and it is not salvagable. Prophylactically, milk teeth extractions are indicated to make way for permanent teeth to erupt in position or for orthodontic purpose.

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth:

Also called "disimpaction", it is done for wisdom teeth that are not erupted, embedded in bone or malpositioned causing recurrent infection, earache, headache or difficulty in opening the mouth.

Surgical extraction is also indicated for fractured teeth or root pieces.

Surgical removal of cyst/abscess drainage:

It is generally associated with trauma or a severely infected tooth. Abscess is due to pus formation which needs to be drained. Cyst is a fluid filled sac either in soft tissue (gums/cheek) or hard tissue (bone).

Removal of tumours:

Tumours can occur in the hard tissue or soft tissue. it can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancer).

Oral Surgery at our clinic is done under world class asepsis (infection control). It is a pain free procedure done under local anaesthesia. The recovery is also eneventful. We have a very high standard of sterilization protocol, followed for all local procedures.

For complicated major surgeries, we prefer the guidance of ace oral and maxillofacial surgeons and prefer the procedure in a hospital environment.

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