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Orthodontia deals with BRACES!!! It is the branch of dentistry dealing with correction of malaligned teeth, discrepancy in jaw growth and thereby enhance the esthetics as well as function.

I) Preventive orthodontics:

It involves regular follow up with the orthodontist from the tender age of 6 years when permanent teeth are about to erupt. Intervention is indicated for:

  • Over retained milk teeth
  • Inadequate space for new teeth to come
  • Correct jaw growth discrepancy with myofacial appliance
  • Habit breaking appliance for thumb sucking/ lip biting/ tongue thrusting
  • Space maintainers

II) Corrective orthodontics:

It can be non surgical corrections or surgical corrections.

Non Surgical Orthodontics:

This is the most widely used treatment modality. It is done with a fixed orthodontic appliance which are commonly called braces. The braces are bonded on the tooth surface and wires are used to move the teeth and reposition them to desired position. Orthodontic treatment not only enhances esthetics and gives the individual a very pleasing smile but also attributes to increasing the self confidence of a person.

The different options for braces can be:

  • Metal braces: Metal braces are bonded to the outer surface of teeth to apply determined force required to bring orthodontic movement of the tooth.
  • Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces(tooth coloured braces) are bonded to the teeth like metal braces. They are more pleasing to look at as compared to metal braces and are preferred by collegians and professionals.
  • Colourful braces: Colourful braces are extremely popular amongst teenagers.
  • Lingual braces: This is the latest and most evolving branch of orthodontics. Lingual braces are also known as invisible braces. The wire and brackets are on the inner side of the teeth- facing the tongue. The science behind the tooth movement is the same but pressure is applied from the other side and the teeth appear absolutely normal for onlookers. This is a preferred modality for orthodontic treatment in adults (above 18 years).
  • Clear aligners: This is an important form of therapy in contemporary orthodontics and highly aesthetic. Here an aesthetic clear aligner splint is used to correct the position of teeth. Clear aligner splint is a clear/ transparent appliance worn for 24/7 and is removed only while brushing and eating. Advantage of clear aligners is it requires no bonding to teeth or any form of wires and hygiene is very easy to maintain.

Surgical orthodontics:

Also known as ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY. It is indicated for gross discrepancy in jaws which can be due to a birth defect or trauma. This modality is combined with non-surgical braces treatment and not indicated for all patients. The orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeons form a team, plan and execute the treatment. It is a long term treatment with very favourable results.

In short, Orthodontics is a world of dazzling smile with optimal function.

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