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It is the branch of dentistry that relates to maintaining healthy gums. A simple procedure like teeth cleaning (scaling) can do wonders for gum health.

Preventive measures

Regular dental follow ups and oral prophylaxis (scaling and polishing) are recommended. This is done using ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and tartar (hard deposits, stains and soft deposits).

Teeth cleaning should ideally be done twice a year to maintain gums in good health.

Surgical periodontics:

  1. Curettage/ gingivectomy: This is done for minor inflammation of gums.
  2. Flap Surgery: This is done when the disease progresses from the gums and involves the bones as well. The condition is commonly known as pyorrhea and the symptoms include bleeding gums, bad breath, mobile teeth, spacing between teeth or loss of teeth.

Corrective periodontics:

This is done as an adjunct to esthetic dentistry. It can be done to increase the crown length or reattachment of the soft tissues (frenectomy).

With advancement in technology, periodontal surgery has become quite predictable and hassle free. At Cosmos Dental, we use the soft tissue diode LASER to perform certain procedures.

LASERs are the future of dentistry! The use of a LASER in the everyday dental practice yields excellent results in the treatment of many  diseases, especially those affecting soft oral tissue. Treatment is almost painless and guarantees long-lasting results.

Soft tissue diode LASER

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You are here: Home Dental Treatments Periodontics