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Sterilization and cleanliness

At COSMOS Dental we have a very strict protocol for sterilization and cleanliness and maintain world class standards for the same. We cater not only to the doctor's health but also to patient's health and well being. Patient's health is of utmost importance to us and all possible measures are followed for prevention of cross infection and maintenance of hygiene.

We have a separate room exclusively for sterilization which has:

  1. 2 AUTOCLAVES from EQUITRON which is a world recognized brand and deals exclusively in sterilization and autoclaving instruments and machineries. All instruments that are autoclaved are sealed in a AUTOPOUCH and opened only at the time of surgery.
  2. 2 STERICLAVES which are sterilizers - one pressure pot and the other is a regular sterilizer.
  3. 2 ULTRASONICS from Biosonic (COLTENE). The ultrasonic units help to clean the blood and debris from the instruments prior to autoclaving. All instruments are cleaned in the ultrasonic unit and autoclaved only after that.

We also maintain excellent hygiene and cleanliness and only use disposable glasses, suction tips and gloves which are changed after every patient.

Autoclave by Equitron
Kavo Stericlave
Pressure Pot by Kavo

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